Go With Pedego!

Yep, I’m still out of new photography so here are some old photos. Apologies for the redundancy, I should refrain from doing this until I find something new. I got some light yardwork done without getting blown away out there, the wind is back!

12 thoughts on “Go With Pedego!

  1. Super windy in Ontario also. I find the last few years it has been getting worse for the wind. We have Pedego bikes too and we really enjoy them.

    • Yay Pedego! I follow two accounts on Instagram that are Pedego dealers, one in Quebec, the other in Ontario somewhere. They make excellent bikes, probably in the upper end of the better-built bikes. I put 12 more miles on my bike today and man was it windy but tolerable as it was 75F.

    • Well, the wind down here generally blows west to east or similar to that, so you are presumably getting your winds from a different area of low pressure. It gets boring though when it blows hard for three days!

      • I’m not sure where we get our weather from anymore. It used to be from northern Alberta but this winter they kept talking about a Colorado (clipper?) Or something like that. Whatever it was, it brought us a ton of snow – which is finally almost gone.

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