30 thoughts on “Desert Love

  1. Very pretty. I was wondering and I hope you don’t feel I am being nosy-what was your job before you retired? You graduated in 1979. I graduated in 1980. I was just curious. If you can humor me as we had our little discussion about employment….thanks.

    • Sure, I worked in the automotive industry at General Motors dealerships. Also, I worked for 20 years in lawn maintenance. That’s it in a nutshell. Very simply put!

      • GM-my husband worked on the legal end for GM for about 5 years. He was really good at this until they relocated. He met many of the higher ups and they still live in Florida but the legal/customer service group relocated. Well, at least you don’t have all these entities including media and government telling you how to do your job and what to teach. Although if you get the right gig teaching super talented honors class, after sweating it out for many years it is worth it! It all depends on the situation and your ability to adapt. Thanks for listening and it is never simple!

        • I know nothing about what your husband did, I was just a guy in the parts department putting away stock orders. 😂

          • A mediator. He worked with the customers and GM to solve disputes over cars and issues. He was very good at it. And , he worked with the attorneys.

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