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A chilly day is in store for the valley at just 66 degrees compared to the last week or so. I’ve decided to dock the bike for a few days until my sunburned skin has a chance to recover, always use a high-SPF lotion folks.

I’m so glad that I grew up in the 60s and 70s… I was raised better than the crap below.

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  1. I graduated the system in 1979 so I’ve been around the block a few times! Change is a big part of life and the older I get, the less I like it. I have always liked the idea of online schooling from a cost perspective to the taxpayers by not having to run the busses and cost of the diesel. Of course it won’t go that way though.

      • I worked in the public school in Florida and it is a mixed batch. I have heard interesting stories about teaching in Las Vegas. There is an ongoing need for teachers in Florida and Neveda for many reasons. I am happy working online with higher ed part time, so my leave of absence might just lead into retirement from the public school a year early unless a good situation comes up. I am looking but waiting happily with my online position.

        • Apologies if I have offended you. I just don’t have any faith in our public schools today because of the stuff they teach. I’m glad that I graduated high school in 1979.

          • Most teachers I know are conservative, but I understand the media publishes the exceptions. No offense taken. It helps to be in the field to know the truth. It is a hard job. I left, taught overseas, at college, owned a cupcakerie and tried other gigs. Retirement sounds nice. Perhaps with my novel, I will be a best seller and have a new profession in retirement with a series!

            • I hope you do become well known author! I have always been a Conservative, and a registered Republican. I too seem to fall victim to the so-called news which is why I never watch it these days except the occasional piece while changing TV channels. Thanks for not being upset with me. ☺️

    • Yeah, that sucks, why not use the “art” in a positive way! I feel sad for some of today’s youth. They aren’t all bad.

            • Just like the homeless folks I see on my bike rides. I don’t mean to be negative this morning, sorry, Anne Marie.

              • It’s part of life as we know it – and quite frankly I don’t think what we are doing about it is working. Compassion is one thing but enabling just doesn’t cut it.

                • Enabling is a huge problem. Welfare is enabling generations of families to live on the public’s money as an example.

                  • Here the big thing is dealing with the drug crisis – by decriminalizing drugs, setting up ‘safe’ injection sites, now they want smoking rooms so people will not leave these sites to smoke after shooting up. People give addicts food, shelter, clothing, etc… But lives are not changing. People are just being kept ‘alive’. I’m not judging these addicts – a lot of them were made addicts by all the opioids pushed by pharmaceutical companies etc. – but we aren’t helping them to recover either. 😢

                  • It is a lost generation for some. Dealing with some of the parents is very challenging but you run into good ones. It depends on the school, the subject taught. This past year, I was one of two special ed teachers and the principal loaded me up with ESOL classes. The kids just kept piling in. It was not a good situation and no support from admin. I took a leave of absence in Feb. Right now, they need 15 teachers for next year at my school which means half of the teachers left. Thanks for listening.

                    • Most of the older teachers-those who graduated in 1980’s we are conservative waiting to retire as things have changed immensely. I believe things will have to change again for people to become teachers once again or virtual will once again take over.

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