Fuzzy Photos For You

And, I’m not proud that they are fuzzy! I was on the way home from the doctor’s office when I grabbed these photos from the truck. I didn’t have an appointment with the doctor today, I actually had to drive to that office to ask that one of my prescriptions be refilled. Why?

This company that I won’t name has decided that their patients should call a call center to get a message to their doctor rather than simply call the actual doctor’s office. This has resulted in my being pissed off because when I called twice, I got a person whose native language is NOT English.

I had a hell of a time understanding these people and hung up both times. Hence, I actually drove to the doctor’s office this morning to get one prescription refilled. My doctor was there and actually came out to the waiting area to apologise for this problem which is also messing him up too.

He is finding prescription refill requests from LAST WEEK! He apologised a couple of times and I said no worries, it’s not your fault, Doctor. He suggested that I contact the company and give them my two cents about this crap which I will do shortly. Thanks for reading this nonsense because that is what it is.

When my doctor’s contract is up with that company, he is moving on and I will go with him to his new office.