My Kitchen Is Dangerous!

Cutting up two onions yesterday for my latest slow-cooked pot of chili proves it! I have been taking 81mg of baby aspirin every day since 2002 so my blood is extremely thin and man did it make a mess in the bathroom! Sorry if this grosses you out, that’s not my intention. But, do be more careful than I am in the kitchen, okay? The scar on my left thumb happened last year while I was cutting veggies. Call me clumsy!

20 thoughts on “My Kitchen Is Dangerous!

    • I am rarely affected by onions in that way and that isn’t why I cut myself. I accidentally broke the cut open this afternoon, dammit!

    • Hi, K, I was watching the TV in the other room while chopping onions. Slice! I heal quickly using H2O2, Neosporin and change the bandage at least twice a day. So dumb, I am clumsy with knives! 😂💀

    • Our bodies are amazing and a pain in the backside too! I’m just apparently very clumsy with knives which is bloody horrible!

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