Food Trucks

Food trucks at Tivoli Village yesterday as a part of the Farmers Market and one other function going on.

On another note, this blog is slowly grinding to a halt. I have recently considered ceasing all activity here and starting a different blog with a name that is not tied to Las Vegas or anywhere else. Las Vegas Photoblog is eight years old and has 8,442 posts as of today, how much further can I push this blog?

30 thoughts on “Food Trucks

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your blog, looking at your photography and hearing about what’s happening in your daily life. I’m hoping you’ll stick with it, even if you decide to change the name or start a new one.

  2. I greatly enjoy following you, John. I don’t comment as often as I could, though! 🙂 I do try to make sure you get the ‘views’ and ‘likes.’ I can in no way compare my blog with yours, but I understand about the specificity of the name. LOL. When I started my blog… um… like ten or more years ago… I was ‘testing’ WordPress for my job, so I just created a name I did not particularly think would need to last.

    Anyway, my two cents: “Keep on blogging, Sir!” If you need to change the name or create a new blog, just keep your band of loyal followers posted, please. But I think you are good with what you are doing. I mean, come on. That ‘Coming Up Behind You’ video clip. Fun! I’m serious!

    Hugs and high fives, Bro.


    • Wow, thank you so much, Ed! I really appreciate your kind comment, people love this blog far more than I was aware of. I better stay put. Thank you! I just left a comment on your site, I thought I was following you and am now. Sorry about this. 🫣

  3. Dear John, about name I can’t advise anything, this is your blog, but as other bloggers say, I love your blog, your photography too. Las Vegas, I think once I shared my thought, let me say again, Las Vegas that most of us know, but with your daily posts, photographs you share different views, stories, and the colour of sky always fascinating… And yes, these mountains, Amazing,… Anyway, I love and enjoy to be here dear John, Thank you, have a nice day, and new week, Love, nia

    • Thank you so much, Susanne! I do regret making the blog name so specific at this point but it’s too late to change it after 7 years. I just get discouraged at times and wish I could bring in new followers more often. It feels like I’m blogging for nothing at times.

      • I think we all feel that way at times. I also thought at one time my blog name was too restrictive but I often go outside the title. I also found that participating in some of the challenges can bring in new traffic. But mainly I’ve decided to blog because I enjoy it.

        • Your blog name is very good. I’ve never tried any of those challenges, maybe I should. 99% of the time I enjoy doing this but once in a while I feel like quitting or taking a long holiday from blogging.

          • I totally get it! I often feel like I’ve run out of inspiration, then something comes to me, or one of the challenges helps out. 🙂 Also, I only post a few times a week, not every day. That would definitely be more difficult.

            • Bingo, that’s something I need to change, Susanne. I post no more than five times per day, geesh, why do I run out of material? I’ve considered cutting back to once or twice a day but I am very used to the fast pace. The problem is that not everyone has time to see the new material at that pace.

        • Aww you are so sweet, Kelly! I wish you were a local so I could give you a hug! The issue here is that I sometimes feel that the blog isn’t getting enough traffic or new followers. I am to blame for this because I often don’t have enough new material and tend to talk about myself too much. Not good, the content needs to be ramped up but I’m not a writer and am so opinionated about things. I keep that stuff to myself.

          • I don’t know other blog sites but this ones seems to have an algorithm that set’s it’s clients only get so much traffic so they’ll purchase next level or pay to promotion content. Otherwise you have to follow everyone and interact a lot. It is frustrating. If you find another site that has a different business model Perhaps switch then. These platforms are designed to make money for their creators.

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