Light Me Up

Coffee! Peet’s Dark Roast coffee sweetened with Stevia, so delicious! My sister left a bag of Peet’s here so I started drinking it which is weird because I swore off coffee because of my blood pressure. It takes more blood pressure medication to control it. Sunny and 86 degrees today, another great spring day.

8 thoughts on “Light Me Up

    • Me too, Anne Marie! The smell of ground-up beans in the bag is kind of intoxicating. I had never tried dark roast and didn’t want the coffee to go bad so I started drinking it. Yummy!

    • We certainly do, Renard, just as the Brits love their tea! Peets is a newer brand if I recall correctly, I’ve not tried Folgers but that brand has been around for a very long time. The dark roast has a wonderful flavor!

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