Get Out of My House!

As a matter of routine, I check the sticky pads in all of the rooms at least once per day. Late this afternoon I found this little bastard captured by the pad! The funny thing though is that the pest control folks will be by sometime tomorrow, they have kept my home basically 99.5% pest free! Check your shoes and sheets!

23 thoughts on “Get Out of My House!

  1. Good call on making it a point to check for these creepy crawlies! I guess the winter isn’t so bad if that means we don’t have scorpions roaming around!

    • A really nasty critter, Belinda! Gladly, this is the only one I have found in the house in the last 45 days since the home was last sprayed. One sting and you best head for hospital…

    • You are lucky, Susan! Michigan is next door to Ontario on our east side, so we have the same weather and more. I love Ontario! ❤️🇨🇦

  2. I have tried my entire life to like insects…and I just can’t. That is so terrifying to me, I don’t have the words. I’m so glad you weren’t stung.

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