Fun on One?

Have you ever tried riding one of these things? I haven’t and never will because I have read some horror stories about people being severely injured. I also read an article about how some governing bodies want these things made illegal. Yet, the company that builds them is going full steam ahead the last I checked. Our high-temperature today will be 94 degrees, it seems that the 100s aren’t too far in the future.

Visit the One Wheel website.

16 thoughts on “Fun on One?

  1. I can say they take a little bit to get used to, but like learning to snowboard, once you get comfortable with it – lots and lots of fun.

    • I’m glad that the two knuckleheads are wearing helmets at least! I have damaged, herniated discs in my spine, no way will I try something like that!

    • I hope this thing doesn’t come to Belgium, Rudi! They are very dangerous. I rarely see them around Las Vegas actually.

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