Sunny Summerlin

Here are some older photos of Downtown Summerlin. The size discrepancy of the photos is because I stopped using the 1024×768 format for the 1500×1000 for Nikon photos, and 1500×844 for iPhone photos. Can you tell that there is water over those rocks? By the way, I’ve decided to dock the Pedego bike for now because of the near-sunburn I got a while back is such that I better stay out of the sun for extended periods. I stuffed the bike into a spare bedroom, so sad! 😂

2 thoughts on “Sunny Summerlin

    • The burn is slowly peeling off, yuck! The hi temp for today will be 95, but Thursday brings rain and 66 degrees. Weird flip-flop weather. I’ve put the bike in the extra bedroom for now.

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