8 thoughts on “A Bucket of Electricity

  1. Been screaming that issue from day one along with the incredibly eco-bad battery power sources. and now they are just figuring out the wind turbine blade waste issue as there is no known effective recycling and their replacement cycle is starting… but then again, we know it isn’t about bettering the environment.

    • Hi Shelley, thanks! I’m glad that you guys haven’t fallen into the trap. It’s such complete BS. Have a great new week! ☺️

      • Hi! With our winters it would be extra stupid. There was an article written by a guy that had one that he tried to make it 90 miles on a really cold day and it didn’t work! The article was removed for fact checking. What more facts do you need than actual experience of how it didn’t work? UGH. I see your Instagram post was fact-checked too. SIGH

    • Hi Venus, I have a feeling that this will never get to that point. There are so many Americans that will never believe the global warming lie. GW is a world-wide lie passed off as factual, so wrong.

        • Biden is a complete knucklehead! The worst thing to happen to America lately. In his world, America becomes AmeriKa.

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