Eastbound Sahara

These iPhone photos were taken a couple of hours ago as I headed for the print shop to have seven copies of a photo with my sister printed to be mailed back home. I have some sad news… My Nikon Z50 body and a small lens have gone missing. I searched my home top-to-bottom, backward, and any other way in between with no success. I am NOT a happy camper! The camera is not in the truck anywhere nor is it outside the house. I simply can not find the damn thing! This is a seriously expensive mistake, people.

4 thoughts on “Eastbound Sahara

    • Thank you, Venus. I did find the damn think this eve and have decided to sell the lot with three lenses and body. The Sony is actually a fine upgrade from the Nikon for a few reasons. A huge fail on my part that was costly but turned out to be an upgrade! đŸ€ȘđŸ€­

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