As Close As I Could Get

As close as I could get, except far closer than ever before. I’ve photographed this cat several times now and since being able to get so close this time I think we can all agree that this cat is feral and definitely needs medical attention. He or she finally stood up and quickly walked away from me suddenly. This makes me sad! On another note, I’ve set the camera to shoot in RAW mode for now and I’ve got to say that these photos have shown me how much better my photos can be. I already knew about shooting in this mode but this is my first experience editing them. I used the 26-60mm lens for these photos. What do you think?

12 thoughts on “As Close As I Could Get

  1. The photos are magnificent as is the cat. The cat is apparently a purebred Norwegian Forest Cat. Expensive and rate. These are noble and courageous cats. I would so love to adopt this cat. He would get along with Herbert, my feral adopted, Norwegian Forest cat. They are tough, but they just want someone to care about them, and then you have a friend for life. Unconditional.

    • Wow Cindy, I’m glad that you know the breed! I would catch the cat next time for you and we could meet somewhere but I’m not set up at home for pets at all. I feel so bad for this sweet cat! 😭 I don’t see it more than once a month or so.

    • Hi Beth, it’s so sad! It seems that I would have to hold the cat in a cage, then take him or her to a vet clinic. 😭

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