The First Set

A quick ride just outside of the city after taking care of other businesses ended up with these photos from the new Sony camera. Not too bad for a first try but I can do better. The 16-26mm lens and the 50-210mm zoom lens which I picked up on the way out of town took these photos.

Once again, I had to drive way over to my doctor’s office to get a damn prescription called into the pharmacy. This company sucks and has nothing to do with my doctor. Health care in America is getting worse ever so slowly! Photos were shot in RAW.

4 thoughts on “The First Set

  1. Great captures. The red rock landscape looks so beautiful. Health care in my province is turning into a hot mess too. We don’t have enough doctors, nurses and health care staff, and yet we continue to bring in more and more people, putting further strain on the system.

  2. I have had my Nikon gear for years and I still am learning stuff ! Health care in the province I live is slowly eroding too…………

  3. I have never owned a Sony, but these photos looks great. I hope you are enjoying your new camera.

    • Thank you so much, Maria! It’s a learning curve with this new camera. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. ❤️☺️🇸🇪

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