A Good Morning Sky

Good morning, it’s 6AM and 92 degrees is on the way for Las Vegas Valley. This was the view I saw just after waking up so out comes the Sony A7C for the photo. Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “A Good Morning Sky

    • I forget what state you are in but stay cool! Especially if you are in the deep south back east with the super high humidity. Uhg!

      • We’re in the Houston, Texas area. It’s been raining quite a bit the past 2 weeks (not complaining) , so that’s kept temps decent, but Friday will be 90 and with humidity…..summer is here! I’m really hoping it isn’t as hot for as long like last summer!

        • I see, I’ve never been in Texas in 62 years! I have seen your state get pounded by too many hurricanes and constant rain on the Weather Channel for a long time. I’ve also seen many beautiful photos of the state! You can keep the humidity! It’s just 16% here just now.

          • Hi John! You should come down with your sister to Rockport. I know you said she’s a big border. Rockport is a great place to see a variety of different birds who migrate through in the fall/spring. I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast in a few places for about 30 years. We can get several tropical storms. And yes hurricane season can be a little nerve wracking! You’re lucky to have the dry heat up there! 🙂

            • She may have visited your area since this has been a life-long passion for her. I love the dry heat, just 14% right now and 94 degrees!

    • 92 is mild, eventually the highs will be over 100 degrees every day. I love the intense heat! 🔥😎🌴

    • It’s hot regardless, Anneli. It was 90-something yesterday and it’s gonna get much hotter soon. 🔥

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