Photographing Chance

Chance is the name given to our Vegas Golden Knight’s mascot. I was getting some large envelopes at a local postage place and stopped to grab these iPhone 12 photos of this blowup version of him. Go Knights Go! Do you love hockey like I do? Any other sport sucks except for boat and snowmobile racing. 😂👍🏻

On another note, have a good look at the clarity and colors in these photos. Sometimes I wonder why I buy actual camera equipment when I see photos like this. Should I have recently purchased the new Sony A7C camera? It’s an expensive camera! My iPhone 12 is paid for and is always handy wherever I go.

One big drawback though is that trying to capture a subject that is very distant makes the photos pixelate so badly that the photo becomes junk. What do you think about using an iPhone as your primary camera? I am aware that many people do which is what has led to the end of small, pocket-sized cameras.

4 thoughts on “Photographing Chance

  1. I use my iPhone when I’m out and about. I’m pretty happy with close-up shots and taking things with the portrait mode, but I do find if I want more dramatic pics I’ve got to drag out the big boy camera.

    • That is exactly right iin my opinion, Bridgette, as good as the iPhone cameras are today they still have a very long way to go to catch up to the new Sony A7C I just purchased, and the Nikon and Canon cameras. I always use the iPhone 12 while I’m riding because the banging, slamming and bouncing in the bike’s bag can’t be good for a very expensive Sony!

  2. I’ve never seen nor knew of the Mascot. But I am not a Hockey Fan. I guess I like Baseball a bit especially the Angels, I grew up with. But I am really not into Sports.

    • That’s the California coming out, Venus! 😁 I love the beaches and the mountains of California but not much else.

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