A Super Fast Bike Ride

And a darn fast ride it was! It was fun too, I just never ride that fast, along the way I came upon an older gent on an electric trike. I had a hard time catching up with him and his cute cat in the bag on the front. We had a quick chat then I took off and was so surprised to see him pulling up behind me again, twice! It was so darn nice this morning that I couldn’t resist a ride, at some point, it will be much too hot.

8 thoughts on “A Super Fast Bike Ride

    • Thank you, Rudi, we have a beautiful blue sky here 300+ days per year which is one of many reasons I love it here in the desert. The counds always make a fantastic sunset.

    • Hi Renard, thanks so much! There are a few light showers moving across the valley today, a beautiful day!

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