Plant Power Under A Blue Sky

Sorry folks, but I have to say no thanks to your plant power food. I’ve tried a few things made with plants and in every case rejected the food. It’s far too salty for a guy with high blood pressure, and the texture of some of the “food” is really gross.

There are some things in the world of food that simply can’t be done right like the vegan cookies I tried that made my stomach terribly upset. Anyway, I was on a mission to find a power cord for my power supply for one of my ham radios and found one at the second pawn shop I hit.

Even the local Best Buy big box store didn’t have one! You’ve gotta love our beautiful blue sky up there today and 90 wonderful degrees!

4 thoughts on “Plant Power Under A Blue Sky

    • 100 percent! One of my neices and my sister are vegan. It’s difficult for me to find food at her house! 😂

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