Ducks, Turtles and Thunder

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the backyard and let the iPhone record the thunder from what turned out to be one hell of a gullywasher! Even my street got just a bit flooded! I love the rain and stood in the open garage door watching it pour for several minutes.

The photos are from Floyd Lamb Park the other day, they are well-cropped to pull the critters in much closer since the new 211mm zoom lens for the Sony A7C body wasn’t quite enough. Beginning tomorrow, I am changing the upload schedule for this blog.

A few years ago, I posted many times more per day than what I have been doing now for some time which is five times per day. That will change to just twice per day. Why?

I believe that this will hopefully bring more people to this blog because it’s a known fact that posting too often can turn off some folks and they stop coming to your blog. Also, this will free up time for me to do other things which will be nice. Going forward, I hope that you will like this new format.

17 thoughts on “Ducks, Turtles and Thunder

  1. Love the turtle shots. I try to limit my posts for that same reason. I’ve had to unfollow some because I would open my email and see so many notifications from the same blog it was scary. I counted a couple of times, one post 75 blogs and another 50 something..the same day. No, I just can’t do that.

  2. I think that’s a good plan. I probably miss a lot of your posts because there are so many, hopefully this way I’ll see more of them!

    • Thank you! So far it’s kind of odd to me but I’ve got more time to get out which I did with a trip outside of the city today, photos coming! Sorry, I forgot your name. 🫣

  3. The turtles are fantastic, John! The strong wind, thunder and birds songs in your video are great!

    • Thank you again, Kaya! It rains so infrequently here that for me it’s kind of a big event! 😂

    • Yes, it was so wonderful to feel the rush of the wind on me, driven by the power rainfall! It smells so good too and cools the air down quickly. ❤️

    • Thank you, it was fun watching the turtles sunbathe and swim. The turtle floating jumped off the shore when I came upon him and swam near the sunbathing turtle, then swam offshore. So peaceful!

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