Heading For The Park

These pics were taken on the way to, at, and on the way home from Floyd Lamb Park the other day. The painting of the quail says Gambles Quail but I managed to cut the photo off. I call them California Quail. The flowery photo is all Olenaders which make a nice privacy fence I guess.

The snow will be on the mountain peaks for a while yet but it looks beautiful up there! And, that ball is ornamental and located in the median between the north and southbound lanes of Durango Drive. Well, it’s time to head out to the pharmacy again, gotta have my drugs!

10 thoughts on “Heading For The Park

  1. When I was in Grad school at UofA in Tucson a classmate took me quail hunting with him and his dad several times. I seem to remember that when hunting Gambels you had to make sure you were not walking through the covey and missing them. They would stay tight to the ground. An interesting street art subject for an electric cabinet.

    • I notice them running under bushes to hide and to stay out of the sun too I suppose, such cute birds! I don’t think you’d get much meat from them though.

    • I agree, Anneli, snow was once a great thing growing up and riding snowmobiles, but today it should stay high in the mountains! 👍🏻😎🌞🌴

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