More Photos of Our Beautiful Mojave Desert

Here is the second upload for today, and the last too. This seems weird to not be posting five times per day! I do hope that more folks will stop by though with this new format. Not much is going on around here today, just a trip to the pharmacy and the grocery store for some chili fixings. See you tomorrow!

16 thoughts on “More Photos of Our Beautiful Mojave Desert

  1. All the photos are gorgeous! In the second photo, the clouds look like they are exploding. The chili looks delicious.

    • I am so happy you found this blog and more about the city, Derrick! That has always been the goal of LVPB. Thank you, Derrick!

    • Thank you! That photo shows Calico Basin and Turtle Head Peak. Did you notice the shape? That chili is still slow cooking.

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