A Bridge, A Tunnel and Other Things

On today’s bike ride I didn’t take many photos so here are all of them in one post. The water in the detention basin is what is left from several days ago when we had a serious downpour. The bike path runs along the basin for maybe one-quarter mile before I turn right and head for Tivoli Village.

The photo of a construction zone is actually the backside of Tivoli Village which was apparently left for a later date and time. My eBike has some seriously fat tires! Today’s ride was twelve miles, the standard distance on most rides since I generally ride the same trail each ride. How is/was your day?

12 thoughts on “A Bridge, A Tunnel and Other Things

    • Yes, they help a lot with the small and large bumps. The bike came with these tires but there are other options. Also, a spring-loaded option is available for the seat that is mounted underneath it but I chose a larger seat.

      The stock seat was painful! Pedego makes several different bikes but I like this one because it has the right handlebars and is not as long as the other bikes. this one is toward the lower-end in terms of cost but was still a bit over 2k.

      Well worth the investment in my opinion!

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