Scenes From Recent Rides

There is plenty of color in this next set taken along the paths I ride. On today’s ride, I did 12 miles which included a stop at the shop where I purchased my Pedego Element bike in late 2021.

The bracket that holds the phone mount wasn’t hanging onto the handlebar, after about thirty minutes of trying different gaskets under the bracket, we managed to make the damn thing stay put. I grabbed several photos today which will be uploaded tomorrow morning.

I skipped putting sunscreen on today and man did my legs and arms brown up! The funny thing though is that my tans are always top-notch farmers tans!

12 thoughts on “Scenes From Recent Rides

    • I think you are right, that ladder is dangerous to other drivers! Thank you, Las Vegas Metro! The ladder would scratch the paint and/or dent the sheet metal too. There was nowhere to pull over, so the officer parked his car like that for safety.

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