Water Pics

I thought the title to be appropriate since there is water in each photo, but these photos really challenge the capabilities of the iPhone 12 or any other iPhone in my opinion. I think I had to over-sharpen them to get somewhat close to the sharpness I am looking for.

The result is the way these photos look, I really need to start taking the new Sony A7C on these rides with the 28-60mm lens. The camera has to be wrapped in a towel to protect it from the many bumps and occasional slams the bike takes on my rides.

Sunshine and 90 degrees are on deck for the valley today, I’m not riding today since I got a bit cooked yesterday. My farmer’s tan is looking fantastic though, haha!

14 thoughts on “Water Pics

    • Thanks! There are three long lakes, each is man-made and some very expensive homes surround the lakes. Too rich for my bank account! They are stocked with fish, I see people in electric boats fishing frequently. Gas-powered boats are not allowed. Each lake has at least one air pump which is attached to pipes that lead out to the 15 or so foot deep water to release the air to keep the fish alive. The water has a beautiful blue or blue-green color but I am terribly colorblind.

    • Thanks, Susan, 300+ days per year! Moving home to Michigan would be very difficult because of the near-constant gray sky.

    • Soothing indeed! I feel a sense of energy when near large bodies of water. Out here, be sure to not build your home in a wash!

  1. These photos are excellent, John! They are clear, sharp and beautiful!
    All scenes are so gorgeous!

  2. The water, palms, mountains, clouds, and blue sky makes for great composition! (Can you get a hard plastic case for your gear that will go in the bike saddlebags?)

    • Thank you! The bag on the bike isn’t that large so putting the camera in a container would take up too much room. The towel did a good job on the one trip the camera made with me. The iPhone is very handy for photos since it’s in front of me, getting photos with the Sony means stopping and unpacking the camera.

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