Hot City Streets

Even in the 90s, the streets of Las Vegas are a hot place to be because of the absorption of sunlight on those black streets. I made two extra versions of the photo that shows street names looking south. Well, I whipped up a fresh pot of chili this afternoon, big surprise, right? I used four cans of Bush’s spicy sauce red kidney beans, the usual packet of hot powder from Knorr, and added plenty of chili powder myself. My neighbor stopped by for a quick chat, he was practically licking his chops haha! I hope your extended weekend has been as peaceful as mine. Thank you veterans still with us or passed. God bless you all.

10 thoughts on “Hot City Streets

    • Hi Charlotte! Thanks so much, I wish you and yours a wonderful new week my friend. ❤️🇬🇧 We have 300+ days per year of sunshine. ❤️🌞

      • I’m not sure if I could cope with that to be honest John, I start melting and have to sit in the shade with my sun hat on and factor 50 sun cream. Hehe.
        Best wishes

        • You are very fair skinned, Charlotte, you would get a quick sunburn here which is a bummer. The sun isn’t as strong in winter but the scorching summers will burn you if you aren’t acclimated. 110-115F is not uncommon here in summer. Hottt! 😂🔥😎

  1. Love the exploration of this street scene. I can’t decide my favorite, because I like each for different reasons. I think that means it’s an awesome photo… Just saying.

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