More Photos From The Downtown Area

Here is the next set of photos from yesterday’s ride to photograph the Stratosphere Tower and its surrounding area. Sunshine and 93 degrees are up for today in Las Vegas, could you live with sunshine almost every day and the 105-degree summers?

14 thoughts on “More Photos From The Downtown Area

    • Well, it’s a silly photo of a road marker. I was in the left turn lane waiting for the light and saw it. I’ll photograph almost anything, LOL! 😂

    • Thank you so much, guys! This is a random collection of just point-and-shoot photos. The traffic in that area around Charleston Boulevard, Sahara Avenue near the 15 freeway is nothing short of ridiculous! This is one good reason why I don’t get too close to the Strip often. 😂

    • Thank you, Richard! I need to get further away from where my home is because there are more interesting subjects to photograph. It’s a fairly long drive to the Strip from the northwest area.

      • Yes, I remember how long it took to get out in that direction. You will have fun going either way in my opinion… Into the amazing red canyons to the west, or the human made graffiti filled canyons to the east.

            • Indeed! I saw something online yesterday about ancient peoples leaving engraved images that have survived for thousands of years. Not unlike the drawings our native Indians left behind here. Mankind never changes in some respects, yet needs to badly in others.

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