Fun City

Las Vegas is indeed a fun city but the sign is more for the tourists than us locals in my view. Not that some of us don’t take advantage of the Strip and its very inflated prices geared to maximize corporate profits. My favorite photo in this little set is the Stratosphere Tower.

It has a nice glow to it, probably due to the sun being just out of frame. I hope that my American friends had a blessed Memorial Day and honored our fallen American soldiers. Our weather today will see a high of 89 degrees in the valley, a bike ride may happen today if I have time for it.

8 thoughts on “Fun City

    • I don’t know what the numbers are now but before the pandemic, 40 million tourists visited the city each year. It must be fun!

  1. If I ever marry again, it probably will be in one of those little Chapels. Having been married twice and getting older, I wouldn’t need a big ceremony and those places are one step above the Courthouse.

    • You would be very brave to consider marriage again, Venus! My third (and last) marriage was conducted by the Magistrate at the county courthouse in Michigan…

  2. Love these photos! I think you’re right about the tower, it really does have a nice glow to the photo😊

    – Hannah

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