A Blue, White and Green Bike Ride

Perfect weather describes today’s 14-mile bike ride, check out the deep blues and fluffy white clouds above Las Vegas Valley! The underside of the Canary palm trees is thick and beautiful too. The temperature won’t see 90 degrees today so I hit the road to take advantage of this cooler weather before the 100s settle in for the summer. I used the new Sony A7C camera with the 28-60mm lens today which was wrapped in a soft towel in the bike bag. Welcome to summer in Las Vegas Valley! (the blues are a bit too deep).

17 thoughts on “A Blue, White and Green Bike Ride

  1. Love those blue skies. I think it might be hotter here in southern Ontario than in Las Vegas. We’re currently under a heat warning at the moment. It’s supposed to go up to 31C/88F today and feel like 35C/95F with the humidity.

    • You can have the humidity haha! That’s the defining thing about living here in an extremely dry climate, love it!

  2. John, that was a very productive biking! You exercised, you took fantastic and very creative photos. What a wonderful day!

    • Thanks very much, Lizbeth! I love riding the e-bike, much more fun than a non-electric bike. Biking and photography go together very well. 😎

  3. That sounds like the perfect weather for a bike ride. Your photos shows it too. I have not used my bike as much as I would like too this year, but I am going to change that with my vacation (almost) right around the corner (still a few weeks to go.)

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