City Streets and Mountain Highs

These photos were all taken using the Sony A7C camera and a 211mm lens, with no iPhone photography. The snowcapped mountain never looks as good as I want it to, making changes while processing doesn’t help. A high of just 86 degrees is up for today, should I head out for a bike ride?

14 thoughts on “City Streets and Mountain Highs

      • Thanks John. Dan and Molly are fine. My lungs couldn’t take the smoke, ended up with a brutal lung infection. Was able to see my specialist and got some powerful meds, plus have to go for x-rays and blood tests. I’ll come back stronger than ever but not there yet. Will try to get out a blog tomorrow.

    • The sky is blue 300+ days per year, Pooja, I never get tired of it! Our weather is less like summer in winter, but still far better than the weather back north in Michigan!

      • Of course, the weather in the north is much more extreme. It must be nice to have such blue skies to see every day!

        • The abundant sunshine is one of many reasons I’ve stayed here for ten years now, Pooja. After the last divorce I decided after plenty of thought that I’m going to stay in Las Vegas because of the wonderful climate all year. I would have to drive up to Utah to go snowmobiling!

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