The Deep Greens of My Michigan Heritage

Looking through my huge photo archives, it amazes me how green Michigan is. It’s 100% opposite of Las Vegas unless you are high in the local mountain ranges here.

During 2016 and 2017, I really struggled with wanting to move home to Michigan, but the beauty of the Mojave Desert has kept me here for thirteen years now so its safe to say that I am home when I am in Las Vegas.

Still, I do yearn for those sweet summer days and riding a snowmobile, an absolute favorite thing since I grew up with a sled (snowmobile) under my bum. I will again see the beautiful views in the photos on this page shortly and will again photograph it.

I am taking the new Sony A7C and the 60mm lens with me on this trip and of course, the iPhone 12 will be ready to go. Pray for travel mercies too!

It’s Gonna Be Hot…

While I am away! And, it will be very humid where I am going which is something I’m not used to anymore. Ten years in the Mojave Desert has made me come to love this state and it’s wonderful climate here in the very southern portion.

I am busy wrapping up a list of things I wrote down to complete preparations for departure tomorrow, and I have checked in with the airline. It’s never fun to crawl out of bed at three AM to drive to the airport though! That’s probably the worst thing about traveling this time.

Here Is The Other Tree…

And, I am quite sure that these two posts are the most exciting posts you’ve seen all day on WordPress! But, I really love all kinds of palm trees even as a kid. This tree is several feet shorter than its partner across the yard. I’ve been around town today getting things ready for my trip and have a few more details to take care of tomorrow, I am really excited about this trip!