Homeless Under A Blue Sky

Here are some photos from today’s bike ride. I was very surprised to see the travel bag and more along with the towel hanging from a rung when I stopped to cross a busy road. It tears at my heart, nobody deserves to live like this.

The children’s play area is at the main entrance to Tivoli Village, those pretty flowers were right along the trail! There is a 30% chance for rain today and I saw some rain sails hovering over the Spring Mountains across the valley.

My neighbor down the street from my home said that the community of Mount Charleston was getting some hail this morning! Not good. My recent change to posting just twice per day has gone well so far, but I do want to upload more than this each day, I have a lot of content!

14 thoughts on “Homeless Under A Blue Sky

    • Thanks very much, Hannah! ❤️

      Frankly, I believe that only God has the solution to our human failings. I helped a homeless guy named Bruce a couple of years ago with food and encouragement as I passed by him on my bike rides.

      Bruce has long-since moved on but every time like today, when I pass where Bruce was, I always say something aloud like God bless you, Bruce.

      Each day is a new journey for each of us.

      • I agree, you wrote it perfectly John. I think that’s part of why it can feel confronting and overwhelming— to come across such a sad situation. It is so kind of you to have helped out Bruce. ‘Each day is a new journey for each of us.’ So true, love that!

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