More Of Those Beautiful Blue Skies!

You guys really love the beautiful blue skies over Las Vegas Valley, so here are more blue skies. I admit that the blues are a bit too deep but when I added more whites to the image, other parts of the photo would be washed out.  I tried! Sunshine and 89 degrees for today, it could be another ride today!

10 thoughts on “More Of Those Beautiful Blue Skies!

    • Thank you so much, Susan! ❤️ This is one of many reasons I love it here. ❤️☺️😎

  1. John, you know that I always delighted to see your blue skies. I looked out the window at our sky and it’s so pale and dull.

    • Really, your not that far north of Nevada are you? I with that I could send some sunshine up there, Kaya!

    • Thanks so much! Our summer can reach 110-115F, 90 degrees is perfect! I follow several folks in the UK, I see that your summers are short and very sweet. I really want to visit the UK! 🇬🇧❤️ I cried when the Queen died and loved watching King Charles’ Coronation, wonderful!

    • Thanks so much, Hannah! I was going to say good morning but you are almost 24 hours ahead of the west coast here! ❤️🇦🇺

      • Oh, well then, a Good Morning to you, my friend! Wishing you a wonderful day ahead, and some nice weather for some possible photo opportunities in beautiful Las Vegas! 💛🇺🇸

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