Blue Sky and Odd Art

I’m sure you are tired of the blue sky by now, but I don’t know what that metal art means. I never stop while riding to have a look at the little sign. Sunshine and 91 degrees are forecast for today, can you handle this much sunshine?

21 thoughts on “Blue Sky and Odd Art

  1. I can never get tired of the blue skies and all that sunshine! I’m typically not a fan of modern or abstract art, but these metal pieces look pretty cool.

    • I’ve loved palm trees since I was a kid. Our family took a holiday in Hawaii decades ago and I still remember the palm trees and beach. ❤️🌴

  2. Those sculpture things are kind of cool! We have blue skies here now too and its been in the 30’s (Celsius) lately, supposed to feel like 35 Celsius today which is about 95 F

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