Send To The Family

For several weeks, I have been putting about 70 of my best photos in a folder to eventually be sent to my family. Last night, I went through all of them to remove the watermark and give them one more check before shipping them out. Since I am out of photos for the blog except for extra photos that have probably already been used, I pulled these photos out of those 70 photos and added the watermark again. Sunshine and a very toasty 95 degrees are on tap for Las Vegas Valley today, no bike ride is planned for today!

16 thoughts on “Send To The Family

    • Thank you! That has always been the mission of this blog. The Strip is nice but there is so much more to this city. 😎

    • I am guessing that there is still plenty of snow at the Lee Canyon ski lodge, but further down it has melted since the summer heat is ramping up. 98 or 99 today and 100F tomorrow! I never drive up there in winter, my truck has never seen road salt.

    • Thank you again, Susan! The photo with the lamp post is at the end of my street. Zooming in makes the mountains look a little closer than they actually are. These are from last winter of course.

    • Thank you! I don’t know what your name is, sorry. The photos are from last winter. Mountain love!

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