The Beautiful Antique Ford

This photo was taken at least two years ago back home in Michigan. The car belongs to my dad and is a 100% fully restored car. Antique cars of this era had so much class and style! Click the photo to enlarge.

13 thoughts on “The Beautiful Antique Ford

    • She’s a an old beauty, Derrick! My dad just returned from another antique car tour in Indiana and he is 95 years young! 😎❀️

    • I totally agree, Rudi, these old cars are truly pieces of art. The folks who built them back then apparently didn’t know that they were creating art!

    • Oh yes, his antiques get regular use, not doing so is not good for them anymore than it is for a modern car. Thanks!

    • You ask a question which I can not answer! Sorry, I really don’t know what year but it’s likely a 20s or 30s model? All I know is that they are works of art today! My dad surely knows everything about the car.

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