Today And In 2017

The beautiful clouds and palm photo was taken this afternoon, the rest were taken in 2017 at Fremont Street. It took a good bit of work to brighten the 2017 photos up, they were really dark. My photography today is much better, yet I do consider myself an amateur photographer today. I am still very pleased with the new Sony A7C camera and the 60mm lens which was used for the photo taken today. Worth the money!

11 thoughts on “Today And In 2017

  1. Nice job on reviving the photos from 2017. Vegas sure has a lot to see! I, of course, love the palm tree photos. I could almost hear the leaves rustling in the wind. And, the clouds look like they could’ve produced a little rain…! Send rain our way, John, you can keep the heat though, we’re good! 🤣 😉

    • Thank you so much, Shelley! Those photos were really dark. I have loved palm trees since I was a kid and wanted to live where they grow, check that off my list! The clouds can be so beautiful against the deep blue sky. There were a few stray showers yesterday, I can see them in the distance as rain sails. Love it! Have a great week, i hope the work on the retaining wall goes well. ❤️😎

      • You’re welcome, John. It’s amazing how software and talent can enhance photos. Remember the days when we had to wait to see what was on the film after being developed?
        You’ve done well to check items off the list that bring you joy!
        We’ve had rain predicted every day, but all we see is the storms in the distance too.
        Enjoy your week too!! Thank you for the well wishes. 🤗

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