Cruising For Photos

Today has been so beautiful that I can’t see spending too much time at home so out the door I go for a few hours. The sky looks like it wants to rain but I saw no dark clouds or rain sails around the valley when at the high elevations. Bummer! How has your weather been today?

20 thoughts on “Cruising For Photos

  1. Nice captures. It’s been dry here and the air has been smoky from all the wildfires in eastern Ontario and Quebec. I’ve been trying to limit my time outdoors.

    • Wow, that’s so terrible! I’ve been watching The Weather Channel which has frequent updates on this. The New York governor has announced that the public needs to stay indoors as much as possible. WashinKton and other cities are smothered by the smoke too. Be safe!

      • The skies look pretty strange with all that smoky haze. Thankfully the air quality is supposed to start to improve this weekend. We’re also expecting a bunch of rain, which is much needed.

    • This is a great place to live, thanks! I never get tired of the mountains and the beauty of the Mojave Desert. 😎

  2. Beautiful shots, John! Our weather is typical spring has gone and summer is here – hot and humid.

    • No rain here either, Venus, and we need the rain sooo bad! I hope this summer’s monsoons will bring a major amount of rain.

  3. It’s cool here in Virginia in the morning, and I notice the flowers are cuddling, but by early afternoon the temperature rises, sunglasses and sandals only to boomerang again dusk.

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