An Impromptu Shoot At Downtown Summerlin

After picking up my meds at the pharmacy I decided to head west to the Jimmy John’s restaurant for a turkey sub this morning, delicious! I was about one-quarter mile from Downtown Summerlin so off I went. One big mistake I made today was heading out without the 60mm lens.

The 211mm lens on the new Sony A7C was just too much lens for shooting in an area like this so I was very limited. I stopped by the Apple Store again to let myself salivate over the new iMac series, I want but don’t really need! It wasn’t quite 90 degrees so the upper 80s and a nice breeze made a nice walk this morning.

12 thoughts on “An Impromptu Shoot At Downtown Summerlin

  1. Back when I was working I used to make it a habit to annoy a manger I knew loved sushi. I would tell him that I do not eat fish bait and raw fish is fish bait. I wonder why I wasn’t called back?

    • That’s a good one, Rebecca! That probably didn’t have anything to do with your job. If it did, that person should be fired!

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