A Bike Ride With A Delicious End!

Man, that burger and seasoned fries were so delicious! A fine end to a quick 14-mile ride today with plenty of sunshine and beautiful fluffy cotton balls floating high above. I wonder how many more days I can ride before the mid and upper 90s get here, then those scorching 100-degree days! That’s way too hot to ride.

12 thoughts on “A Bike Ride With A Delicious End!

    • I’m a sucker for a big juicy burger, Derrick, yum! Add some horsey sauce or barbecue sauce, delicious!

    • Thank you, Rudi! I do love my bike rides. When I go to the pub and order the burger, the girls know what I want because I’m a creature of habit. I never eat in that pub, home is a three minute drive away.

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