The Last

The last of the Downtown Summerlin series. Happy Thursday, friends. Two more days until the weekend arrives! Sunny and just 86 degrees are the forecast for today, it sounds like a fine day for a bike ride since I haven’t been out for a few days. How is your weather this Thursday?

8 thoughts on “The Last

  1. We (in Belgium) had a nice and sunny day (about 25°C) but it was a bit windy.
    For the weekend they predicted 30°C ! And most of the time, that means also thunderstorms and the end of more than 3 weeks stable high pressure weather.

  2. The weather up here has been up, down and all around. Close to 90 one day, down in the lower 70s the next. The dry period has come early, bad for fire danger, but at least for the most part it is cool.

    • That sounds pretty good to me, Lavinia! Great for bike rides and walking.I’ve never been in your state.

      • Oregon is a big state with various climates ranging from the Pacific shore to temperate rain forest to high desert. It is a beautiful place with its own character.

          • Early summer before fire season gets going is best, though that is harder to predict now. I grew up on the New England Altantic shoreline, though the Pacific has her own particular beauty and is my favorite.

            • That sounds very nice, Lavinia! The last time I saw the Pacific ocean was in 2016. I hope there is no fire season this year but statistics say otherwise I’m sure. 😭

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