Lake View, Valley View

These photos were taken today using the iPhone 12 in RAW mode. I have two photo applications on the phone, one is the stock app that comes with the phone, and the other is called Pro Camera. The latter offers you far more control over your photos and is the application that I use the most.

RAW outputs a larger file size. The Nikon files were around 50 megabytes which is really huge! You can see that one photo is 1500×844 or a 16-9 ratio, while the other is 1500×1125 making it look more square.

I’ve been chatting with a fellow photographer down in California about using the iPhone for photography more so than the big body cameras. I think this is possible, but then the Sony and Nikon cameras always have a slight edge over using the iPhone as your primary camera in overall image quality.

The iPhone falls flat and pixelates to death when I try to capture extremely distant subjects such as the Las Vegas Strip from my favorite place to photograph it which is several miles northwest. What to do haha!

14 thoughts on “Lake View, Valley View

  1. Nice layout of the photos. The homes remind me of the golf course side across the way from our area. Spanish hacienda, beautiful old homes and oak trees. We are near a very old part of town where they had orange groves and near water.

  2. Love the shots as always. Part of me would love to have a water source closer, but then I remember all the rain we’ve had and I’ll just be happy with the small pond down the hill.

    • Thanks, Derrick! I never get tired of Las Vegas, it’s a wonderful place to live in spite of the traffic!

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