Our Big Sky

Montana isn’t the only state that has that big, beautiful blue sky as you can see in two of these iPhone photos! And this is one of many reasons that I love living in Nevada. I apoligise for the redundant Tivoli Village photos, friends. More of that beautiful blue sky and 89 toasty degrees are on tap for Las Vegas today, I hope your weather is as pleasant where you live!

8 thoughts on “Our Big Sky

    • Thanks! That photo is a photo of a mural on a wall at Tivoli. I crop the image such that it kind of looks like a photo.

  1. John, these photos are so great! Yesterday we had a thunderstorm with heavy rain. This morning is sunny.

    • Thank you so much, Kaya, and I wish we would get a thunderstorm down here. I hope the monsoon season will drown us this year!

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