What Are Those Spears For?

Those very long spears contain seed pods, a lot of seed pods! My other tree is a few feet shorter but it too has several spears if that is what they are called, on it too. the trees are scheduled for pruning on June 28th which is almost exactly the same time last summer they were pruned.

Even with the pruning, I always have to pull up the baby palm trees that try to grow at mom’s base. They are cute little trees with just one long frond and a tiny black ball the tree grows from. Sometimes it takes a week or more to get all of the babies out of the ground.

A high temperature of 91 degrees is on tap for today and I’m not going on another biking adventure.

4 thoughts on “What Are Those Spears For?

    • Well now, it could be much worse, Venus. We could be back east where they are being flooded and dealing with tornadoes and hurricanes. Think positive!

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