A Thunderstorm Chases Me Home!

I headed out much earlier today for a bike ride at around 9:15 and rode a total of thirteen miles. On the way there I noticed a large dar rain sail over the mountains on the west side of the valley. I made it to one of my usual stops and hung out for a while then headed back northbound.

Stopping for more photos with the Sony A7C, I heard the thunder and saw the lightning which got me back on the bike and rolling home as fast as I can get the electric bike back home. I did make it home dry but I’m sure that where I was very likely got hit hard with that huge downpour.

I wish that downpour would have gone over my home! I did grab some photos using the iPhone but those are still in the phone. 74 degrees was a perfect temperature to ride today!

8 thoughts on “A Thunderstorm Chases Me Home!

    • Thanks, Anneli! The storm did go just south of my place but I still got the miles I was looking for today. I hope the monsoon rains will dump on us good this summer!

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