Waking Up To An Angry Sky

I took these photos about ten minutes after waking up this morning, today looks like it could be a carbon copy of yesterday’s sky that dropped zero rain but sure looked threatening. Cloudy and 82 degrees are on for today, maybe a bit cooler than it should be? Where are those 100+ temperatures?

The cute bird is a Northern Mockingbird, a real talker!

10 thoughts on “Waking Up To An Angry Sky

    • You too! My bike ride today saw a thunderstorm heading at me or so I thought. Got home high and dry. I wish the entire valley could be soaked at one time!

    • I hope so, Rudi! I was on a bike ride this morning and saw a thunderstorm roll over the western mountains with it’s roaring thunder and occasional flashes. I made for my garage as fast as I could and made it home! 😂

    • Thank you, Derrick, I was on an early bike ride this morning and captured a distant thunderstorm heading toward me. I made it home very quickly!

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