Yesterday’s Rainy Sky

I love a great thunderstorm, how about you? I wish the entire valley could get one gigantic thunderstorm all at once but that’s not going to happen. Perhaps this summer’s monsoon rains will soak the desert and help to refill Lake Mead! Sunshine and 89 degrees are up for today, a perfect summer day!

13 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Rainy Sky

    • Thank you! I remember camping on the island in the lake I grew up on. It was so fun until a thunderstorm blew overt the tent! We went skinny dipping too! 😂🫢

      • Oh gosh, camping during a thunderstorm can be stressful! You learn real quick whether you’ve pitched your tent in a good spot (or whether your tent is any good to begin with)! Oh the things we used to do when we were younger! Life seemed much simpler then!

    • It sure is, that that is why the city has a serious concrete drainage system and detention basins.

        • I think that all of the rain water will flow into the Las Vegas Wash and end up in Lake Mead where it is so badly needed, Tone. The lake is at record lows. Sunken boats and two bodies were found last year. So very sad.

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