Bees and Beautiful Palm Trees

Just four photos from my bike ride today which was a bit earlier than I usually head out. It was a sweaty ride with 91 degrees, much warmer than the ride two days ago when the temp was in the 70s. I was happy to see that bee on the flowers, I’ve recently become aware of the bees being in decline and they are very important to us humans and so much more in our ecosystem. Sunshine and 91F at my place just now.

20 thoughts on “Bees and Beautiful Palm Trees

  1. I love the purple flowers. We’ve been trying to plant bee friendly flowers in our backyard to help attract the bees. It’s great because they can then help pollinate some of my vegetables.

  2. Amazing photos, John! Yes, bees are in decline and I am so glad that you saw them buzzing and busy on the flowers 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos, John! We have a lot bees in our area and they need to be appreciated more than they are.

    • Thanks Beth, me too! That was a huge bush buzzing with bees! The flowers were right at the edge of the path so I just walked up and took the photo with the bee about 2 feet from me!

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