Damn, The Rain Stopped!

I sure hope it starts again but it was raining overnight so I don’t know how much actually fell. The Tivoli photos are from a bike ride the other day using the Sony A7C with a 60mm lens.

The guy that laid down the pavers four years ago made a big mistake with the slope, hence the little lake that forms when it rains hard enough. It can be repaired but I don’t wanna spend the money on it. Yesterday morning, my 4-year-old garbage disposal died and began dripping water under the sink.

Oh, joy! Since this isn’t an apartment I can’t just call the office for a replacement. A phone call to my plumber company had the bad disposal replaced in about two hours. That’s damn good service which makes me say that maybe good customer service isn’t actually dead in America!

But, that really good service set me back $500 bucks!

9 thoughts on “Damn, The Rain Stopped!

  1. Sorry to hear about your garbage disposal. It’s great that you were able to get it fixed so quickly, but as you said, it ain’t cheap. Hopefully more rain is heading your way. We’re expecting a hot and dry week here in southern Ontario.

    • I hope you do get some rain to reduce the fire danger! I’ve seen what the smoke up north of you has done to cities down south, terrible! That disposal may have died an early death because of me using bleach to kill the bad smell down there that did finally go away. The plumber said no, never do that! Instead, use ice cubes and vinegar. The ice chips remove leftover bits, yuck!

      • We’ve had a pretty dry summer so far, which seems to be the new normal for this time of the year. It makes you wonder what the future of farming will be like. The skies have been a bit hazy, but thankfully not nearly as bad as a couple of weeks ago. I never would have thought that bleach would have ruined your garbage disposal. Lessons learned for next time.

    • Thanks, Guys! The drought here is years-long and it totally sucks. Seeing rain is a big deal for me but back home in Michigan it rained so much.

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