Spiffing Up The Backyard

My backyard always looks spiffy so there isn’t really much to keeping it looking this way. When I purchased the home four years ago, there was an African Sumac tree in the right corner of the yard. I despised that tree because of its constant dropping of leaves all year round.

The arborist said that it is basically impossible to over-water that tree. The tree crew showed up with chainsaws and a stump remover and that nasty tree is now history. The Mexican Fan Palms in the backyard are both ready to go to seed. Those long spears sticking out every which way contain the seeds.

The trees are being pruned June 28 which is about the same day they get a haircut every year. Regardless, there still will be several baby palm trees sprouting under it’s parent tree which I remove daily until they are all gone. That grass is completely faux and still looks great after four scorching summers here.

There is a hummingbird feeder back there but it doesn’t see too much action.

Now, the birdbath is a very different story. it has been there for two years now and is pretty much like an airport for the local birds. I’ve seen countless tiny birds, bigger birds like the Grackles and even tiny bees on the edge of the water getting their fill of the fresh water I put in the basin twice daily because of the high rate of evaporation.

The basin may look dirty but trust me, it’s very clean. I just drained it, scrubbed it and refilled it this morning. Well, that’s it for all the fun in my little backyard but hey man, it’s paid for!

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    • Thanks very much, can you tell how orderly I like things? Call me OCD but that’s okay. It’s rhe same in the house. The wood chips need to be replaced…

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