Happy Father’s Day from LVPB!

Good Sunday morning from me to all the fathers that follow this meager blog. God bless you and your families! I used the iPhone 12 for these photos very early this morning after calling my dad via Facetime to tell him he’s the best dad a guy could ever have! He is the most amazing 95 year old man! Well, I have no plans for today other than taking a bike ride if the heat stays down a bit. 93 degrees yesterday would have been a tough ride, the heat tends to zap the fun out of riding for me. Happy Father’s Day!

19 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day from LVPB!

  1. Happy Father’s Day to you and your dad, John! Such a blessing to have your dad to talk with… and to enjoy a beautiful day. 💕

  2. Happy Father’s Day to you and your Dad, John! What a nice way to start your day by chatting with him and enjoying your backyard. Yay for an ice cold Zevia to toast the warm weather. I hope you had a great bike ride too. Enjoy the day celebrating fatherhood! 🥰😊

    • Thanks so much, Shelley! I started drinking Zevia because its pop I can drink, no sugar! I love the cream soda, so delicious! I like the Facetime feature, better than just talking!

      • You’re welcome! Yes, Zevia is a much better choice than the alternative no sugar sodas. I haven’t tried the cream soda yet.
        Yes, Facetime is great! My dad doesn’t have a smart phone, but at least he still enjoys chatting on the phone!

        • I didn’t know about this pop until recently when my sister came down for a visit. How I didn’t know about it for so long is amazing! Duh. 😂 Now, I drink three cans a day.

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